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Primary Systems Inc. (PSI), is an Internet marketing agency that helps companies become more effective and more profitable online.

By working with Primary Systems, you will gain several specific advantages including:

-Access to PSI's expertise, gained from 20+ years of hands-on experience in the industry

-Attention to all aspects of your online experience, including strategy and creative, email and website/landing pages, SEO, PPC, CPA/PI, and many other critical components to successful online marketing

-Significant discounts and savings on fees often charged to join the major Affiliate Marketing networks

PSI offers several different flexible pricing options, including extremely reasonable consulting fees, monthly retainer packages, project-based packages, and performance-based opportunities.


Please contact us for specific pricing information regarding any of the plans below, or to discuss other requirements that you may have. 

Daily or Hourly Consulting

A daily or hourly consulting engagement will allow PSI to work with you to determine your needs and provide support and guidance tailored to achieving your goals.

Email, Search or Affiliate Marketing Audit

Let us analyze your marketing programs and provide practical advice to significantly improve your return including:

-Complete tactical analysis of your marketing program
-Acquisition and execution plans
-Deliverability, SEO/SEM effectiveness and overall conversion rates
-Suggestions for increasing response rates and revenue
-Detailed recommendations for optimizing your current programs, including examples, sample creative and benchmarks

Comprehensive Online Marketing Audit and Strategy

This is a formal approach to online marketing for those looking to start an aggressive program from scratch or for those who are looking to take an existing program to the next level. PSI will perform a comprehensive audit of your current online marketing program and identify areas with the most potential to improve your results.

The deliverable is a complete online marketing strategy based on several steps including:
-Identify Qualitative Goals
-Analyze the Current Situation
-Complete a Competitive Analysis
-Define the Target Audience
-Determine Which Type(s) of Marketing Meet Your Needs
-Develop a Content Strategy
-Create Quantitative Goals
-Compile Budget and ROI Projections

Performance-Based Opportunities

PSI understands the struggles faced by many companies as well as the need for you to closely monitor and carefully budget your marketing expenses.

Therefore, in specific cases, PSI will agree to provide services on a CPA or commission-only basis.  In other words, if we don't make you money, then we don't make money.  

Other Flexible Options

Please contact us for more information regarding any of the plans above, or to discuss other requirements that you may have.